IEM Tool

Welcome to the suitability test of Industrial Engineering and Management.
You will get 12 questions. These will be divided into 2 categories. The first questions will be about the organisation of the study, your interests and your prior knowledge. This will provide you information about if your expectations of the study match with the reality. In the second category you will get typical Industrial Engineering and Management exercises. Try to solve them to the best of your ability. By making these exercises, you can get a good impression whether you can handle the level of the study.
After completing the test, you will have a better view if Industrial Engineering and Management is the right study for you and if you have the required prior knowledge and interests. Make sure you will finish the test completely. The results will not be stored.

Of course this outcome is not binding. This is only to give you an indication about the level of the study and if your expectations match with the reality.

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